When prisoners go to court: The 10 most outrageous prison inmate

When prisoners go to court: The 10 most outrageous prison inmate lawsuits of all time as collected by Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.):

10. Inmate claimed $1 million in damages for civil rights violations because his ice cream had melted. The judge ruled that the “right to eat ice cream ?was clearly not within the contemplation” of our forefathers.

9. Inmate alleged that being forced to listen to his unit manager”s country-and-western music constituted cruel and unusual punishment.

8.Inmate sued because when he got is dinner tray, the piece of cake on it was “hacked up.”

7.Inmate sued because he was served chunky instead of smooth peanut butter.

6.Two prisoners sued to force taxpayers to pay for sex-change surgery while they were in prison.

5.Inmate sued for $100 million alleging he was told that he would be making $29.40 within three months, but only made $21.

4.Inmate claimed that his rights were violated because he was forced to send packages via UPS rather than U.S. mail.

3.Prisoner sued demanding LA Gear or Reebok pump athletic shoes instead of Converse.

2.Prisoner sued 66 defendants alleging that unidentified physicians implanted mind-control devices in his head.

1.Death-row inmate sued correction officials for taking away his Gameboy electronic game.

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