Voices of Advice

Voices of Advice (A guy went home from work one night and heard a voice. Thevoice whispered to him: “Quit your job, sell your house, takeyour money, go to Vegas.” The man was disturbed about what heheard and ignored the voice. The next day when hegot home from work, the same thing happened. The voicewhispered to him: “Quit your job, sell your house, take yourmoney, go to Vegas.” Again the man ignored the voice, thoughhe was very troubled by the event. Every day, theman was tormented by the same voice when he came home fromwork: “Quit your job, sell your house, take your money, go toVegas.” Each time the man heard the voice he becameincreasingly upset. Finally, after two weeks, hesuccumbed to the pressure. He quit his job, sold his house,got together all his money and headed to Vegas. The momentthe man got off the plane in Vegas, the voice told him, “Goto Harrah’s.” So he hopped in a cab and rushed over to Harrah’s. As soonas he set foot in the casino, the voice echoed, “Go to theroulette table.” The man did as he was told. Whenhe arrived at the roulette table, the voice firmly told him,”Put all your money on 17.” Nervously, the man cashed in hismoney for chips and then put them all on 17. The dealerwished the man good luck and spun the roulette wheel. Around and around the ball caromed. The man anxiouslywatched the ball as it slowly lost speed until finally itsettled into number . . . 21. The voice said,”Damn…”

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