There were two golfers on the golf course.

There were two golfers on the golf course.
One of the men pulled out a cigarette, and asked his friend for a light. His friend pulls out a 12inch Bic lighter.

Wow, where did you get such a large Bic?

Oh, my genie got it for me.

Your genie? You have a genie? Where is he?

He is in my golf bag.

The friend says, ‘can I see him?’

His friend says ‘ yes, sure!’

So the friend looks in the bag and out comes the genie. The man says to the genie; ‘I am your master’s best friend. Would you grant me just onewish?’

The genie says ‘yes, just one wish’. So the man wishes for a million bucks.

The genie goes back in the golf bag without saying a word.

Pretty soon, the sky starts to get dark. Then it gets even darker.

The man looks up and sees a million ducks.

He gets real upset, and says ‘what is the matter with your genie? Is he hard of hearing? I said a million Bucks, not a million Ducks.’

His friend says to him, ‘do you really think I asked for a 12 inch Bic?

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