The Pope’s Camera One morning the Pope awoke in his bedchamber in the

The Pope’s Camera One morning the Pope awoke in his bedchamber in the Vatican.To his surprise, he noticed that he had woken up with amassive erection.; Perplexed, he called on his personalphysician. “Doctor, this should not be possible,” he said, “I’m thePope, and I’m celibate! I haven’t had one of these for 50years!” The doctor’s reply was, “Well, father, this is a naturalphenomenon for all men, and it will happen even to you fromtime to time”. The Pope exclaimed “But you must do somethingabout this! I have mass in an hour, and this thing isn’tgoing away!” The doctor replied “You have two options… either I canadminister an injection to your penis to make the problem goaway, which will hurt and make you feel ill, or you can justquietly go into the toilet over there and relieve yourself.”Fearing the injection, the Pope elects the second option.Unbeknownst to him, a paparazzi photographer has sneaked intothe Vatican, and just as the Pope reaches that point of noreturn, up pops the photographer and begins snapping away.The Pope immediately summons his security guards, who arrestthe photographer, and begin to beat him up. The paparazzoshouts out, “Hey, I thought you were a Christianorganization! What has happened to your forgiveness?” Upon reflection, the pope agrees with the photographer, andrelents, saying “Yes, my son, you are right, we shall releaseyou. Unfortunately, we cannot return your camera, as wecannot allow the scandal of what is contained on the film tobe seen in the outside world.” Never slow to take an opportunity, the photographer replies,”But this is how I make my living! If you take my camera,I’ll lose the money I could have sold the photographs for!”The Pope, feeling guilty, agrees. “Very well, we willcompensate you. How about $100,000?” Ecstatic, the man agrees, and is soon on his way. The Pope,meanwhile attends confession, and the whole story comes out.For his penance, he is therefore ordered to walk three timesaround St. Peter’s, with the offending camera around hisneck. Out on his walk, he meets a Japanese tourist: “Very nice Japanese camera you got there, Mr. Pope,” saysthe man, “how much you pay for it?” “Being the Pope, I cannot tell a lie,” he replies, “I mustconfess that I paid $100,000 for it.” “Ah,” says the Japanese gentleman, “look like someone sawyou coming!”

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