The Helicopter Trip Three soldiers had just been released from the

The Helicopter Trip
Three soldiers had just been released from the Army. Tocelebrate, they decided to take a helicopter ride around thetown. The first soldier was eating a banana. “Hmmm…Iwonder….if we throw this peel out the helicopter, will wesee it land?” The other 2 soldiers shrugged and said go aheadand throw it out. They watched with anticipation, but theydidn’t see it land. The second soldier had a rock. He threw it out thehelicopter and said, “This is bigger than the peel. We oughtabe able to see this land.” The soldiers all watched again,but nothing happened. The third soldier pulled out a grenade, pulled the pin, andthrew it. “Now we’ll see THIS land.” The soldiers watchedagain…nothing happened. After the ride the soldiers were walking home. They saw alittle girl crying on the sidewalk. “What’s wrong?” thesoldiers asked. “Well,” said the girl, “I was just walking along and slippedon a banana peel that came our from no where.” The soldiers explained what had happened on the helicopterand carried the little girl home. As they were walking alongonce more they saw a little boy crying on the side of theroad. “What’s the matter, Son?” “Well,” said the little boy, “I was just walking along whena rock hit me on the head.” The soldiers again told their story and helped the littleboy home. “I wonder what happened with the grenade,” said one soldier.”Me too,” said another, so the soldiers went running downthe road where they saw an old woman laughing hysterically. “Ma’am…what’s so funny?” The old woman between giggles said, “Well, I farted and myhouse blew up.”

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