The Camping Trip

The Camping Trip (Sally, a blonde, goes on her first camping trip. Herhusband, the Scout Leader, was sick so she volunteered totake over for him one weekend. So, she got everyone togetherand assigned different duties to each scout. Gabby was responsible for the food and supplies. Mike would be the cook this trip. Johnnie was responsible for their maps and making up a timeschedule. Tim was to decide on their events, and to fit them intoJohnnie’s schedule. And Sally, would test all their equipment before settingout. Well, they arrived at Big Moose Mountain and everyone wasexcited. They arrived right on schedule, and were gettingready for their first event; hiking up the mountain. Butfirst, they wanted to get something to eat. So Sally askedMike if he would prepare the meal and of course, Mike said hewould. About 10 minutes later he came back and told Sally, “I can’tmake the supper because I can’t light a fire with the matchesyou brought.” Sally replied, “I can’t understand that. Those matchesshould be perfectly fine. I tested them all just before weleft.”

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