Taking the Job Seriously Father Joseph went up to Father Fred one

Taking the Job Seriously Father Joseph went up to Father Fred one afternoon andsaid,”I am SICK of all this clean living. Tonight let’s youand me go out and party. We’ll carouse, drink, whatever wewant.” Fred was shocked. “Are you crazy? This is a small town and everyone knows us. Besides, evenif they didn’t, they would see our clothes and know we werepriests.” Joe was ready for this. “Don’t be silly. We won’t stay intown. We’ll go into the city where nobody knows us, and we’lldress just like anyone else.” In the end, he managed topersuade Fred, and they went out that night and partied likeprofessionals. Then they got back home at 5:00 AM, Fred’sface became pale. “I just thought of something,” he said. “We have to confess this.” Again, Joe was ready. “Relax, I told you, I thought this allout in advance. Tomorrow, you go into church and into theconfessional. I will come in my regular clothes and confess,and you absolve me. Then I go put on my garments, you come inand confess, and I’ll absolve you.” Fred was amazed at Joe’s brilliance. And so, Joseph went inlater that morning and said, “Father forgive me, for I havesinned. My friend and I, we’re both young men, and lastnight we went out and caroused. We became drunk, had carnalknowledge of prostitutes, used foul language, danced towicked music.” Fred answered, “The Lord is patient and forgiving, and thusshall I be. Do 5 “Our Father’s” and 5 “Hail Mary’s” and youwill be absolved of your sin. A while later, their places were reversed as Fred came inand confessed everything in detail. There was a short pause,and Joseph answered, “I don’t believe this. And you DARE to call yourself a priest? You will do 500 “Our Father’s,” 500 “Hail Mary’s,” donate all your money for the next month to the church, andgo around the church 500 times on your knees praying for theLord’s forgiveness. Then come back and we’ll discussabsolution, but I make no guarantees.” “WHAT??!!” Father Fred was shocked. “What about ouragreement??” Joe replied, “Hey, what I do on my time off is one thing,but I take my job seriously.”

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