Superman&the three blacks Once there was a black man that was walking

superman&the three blacks Once there was a black man that was walking down thestreet.He happen to look up and saw a man jump from abuliding and bounce write back up on the building. The blackman said to this strange person Howd u do that? The man said”Simple u just hit the air pockets and bounce wright back up.The black man watched him agian and he tried it. *SPLAT* Another black man came up and saw the 1st man layin dead onthe pavement and hollard up and said what happend? The manhollard from the roof and said he missed the air pockets. The2nd black man said can u show me how to hit the pockets? Theman agreed. The man showd the black man how to do it. The mantold him that the airpockets where all over so the balck manjumped and *SPLAT* Then A 3rd black man came up and said”what happend here”? The man said they both missed the airpockets. The black man went up and said show me i can so it.The man jumped and showed him. the black man got a runningstart from the back of the bulinding and *SPLAT*agian An hourlater 2 cops walked by and said to each other “superman’sbeen foolin with those niggers agian THE END

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