Signs You Have Had Enough of the 90’s 1

Signs You Have Had Enough of the 90’s 1. You try to enter password to your microwave 2. Your recently dumped ex’s idea of “revenge” is stalkingyou via instant messages in a chat room 3. A real deck of cards no long exists, solitaire, spades,and hearts are all played on the computer 4. You know your e-mail address, but you can’t remember yourhome address 5. You now think of three espresso’s as getting wasted 6. Both you and your spouse are talk on cellular phoneswhile driving your SUV 7. You instinctively buy and read every book Oprah mentions.8. You don’t let your kids play outside unless they have abullet proof vest on 9. Your boyfriend/girlfriend thinks that it’s okay to breakup with you through email.

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