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5.833710I had a dog named LuckyX
5.483704A juggling cat named PierreXF
6.082197There once was a girl called CrissyX
5.901464Amazingly, antelope stewC
5.961614A strapping fellow from AustraliaC
5.881727There once was a guy named MattC
6.493361There was a fat cat on a matC
5.833830There once was a cat named Pat,C
6.011400There once was a big ka-ka-doodleC
6.001779There was a toxic rat,C
5.763610There was a black dog named RosieC
5.971637There once was an old guy from RuitC
6.111957The hills are alive with the soundX
6.203823There once was a man from FranceC
6.082028There once was a dog named DredC
6.051321There once was a man, named Bill ClintonC
6.552282There was a young curate from KewR
6.202340There once was a cat named Tigger,C
6.343296I took my sick cat to the vetC
5.6810993My cat and my dog always fightC

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