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RSS FEEDS from Extremely Funny

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are a new(ish) way of getting web content delivered to you when it is updated without having an email subscription. Extremely Funny offer a RSS feed for each of the main areas of the site. These will deliver three new jokes,pictures or whatever, every day to your browser.

How do I get connected ?

If you have an up to date browser you will see the logo somewhere on the toolbar. Click on this and you will see all of the feeds that Extremely funny provide. You can then add these feeds to your browser and view the content of that feed.

If your browser is of an older type, or you prefer not to use your browser, you can use Google or Yahoo to view these feeds or download an RSS Aggregator of your choosing.

To make adding feeds to your Google and Yahaoo homepages easier Extremely Funny has created shortcuts to add RSS feeds automatically.

For more information on RSS take a look at the Wikipedia RSS page

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