In the men’s rooms across this great nation

In the men’s rooms across this great nation
One finds now a neat ‘Changing Station’
Where a new dad is able
On a well-designed table
To work without improvisation

These tables quite often are seen
Right next to the condom machine
Which I guess must give pause
For some men to link cause
And effect in a manner most keen

Well, these tables most surely get used
By men who appear quite enthused
To accomplish some end —
An end, my dear friend,
Which might leave the designers confused

A table like this comes in handy
For sorting out hardware or candy
Some find it nice
For a roll of the dice;
For a quick game of poker just dandy

On a few I’ve seen traces of gravy,
Grease spots, and ink marks, and maybe
Some traces of oil,
Miscellaneous soil —
But never, not EVER, a baby

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