In case you are not aware, please note the following important

In case you are not aware, please note the following important message from the relevant Authorities in RSA:
In the new South Africa, the word ‘Kaffir’ is taboo. It has therefore been suggested that the people concerned be called ‘JACKS’ (plural)or ‘JACK’ (singular), which of course stands for ‘just another confused Kaffir’.
Therefore the following examples are applicable:
A toy-toying black person – A jumping Jack
A bald black person – Kojack
A township dog – Jackrussel
A township – Jacksonville
An agitated black person – Flapjack
A run-over black person – Jacksplat
A Panga – Jack-knife
A mkuku house – The house Jack built
A coloured person – Half Jack
A very black person – Black-Jack
A female black – Jackass
Member of COSATU – Union Jack
Affirmative action – Jacking up the place
Sleeping black – Slumberjack
Fast black runner – Fleetwood Jack
A Piccanini – Jackson
Dagga – Jackpot
Black smoking – Jackpot Hijack
Shy black – Jackal
Stupid black – Jack-ass
A black beauty – Jackie Mofokeng
Black mechanic – Car Jack
What Mandela was for 27 years – Jack in the box
A cheating black – Jack the rip off
Very thin black – Jackleen
Kimberley mine worker – Jack of diamonds
Garden boy – Jack of spades
Golf caddy – Jack of clubs
Black who’s late for work – E…Jack…U…Late!
Black vampire – Jackular
A randy Jackson – Little Jack horny
Black man in winter – Jack frost
Black falling off a building – Jackeeeeeeeeee
Black being necklaced – Jumping Jack flash
Black Karate-ka – Jackie Chan
Ladysmith Black mambazo – Jackson 5
Black pavement vendor – Jackfruit
Black serial killer – Jack the Ripper

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