I thought this was wonderful gibberish, but only a selected few would

I thought this was wonderful gibberish, but only a selected few would have minds bizarre enough to find it funny!

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Crimbole, Grissable and Verbage
Auctioneers and Valuers
Hapsburg Terrace, Perth.
Thursday 16th August at Our Premises:
An Auction of Antiques, Collectables and Historical Items

Lot 1:
A pair of fine Ormolu Groat Clenchers by C.J.Bediger, Austria 1763.
Signed and dated.
-From the estate of Sir Charles Verdigris.
Lot 2:
A walnut frijole stand, with brass vestibule and fluted cleats.
American Colonial, early 19’th Cent.
-From the collection of Lupus Yonderboy, Esq.
Lot 3:
19th and early 20th century Frustibole memorabilia, including
cigarette cards, souvenir programs and a rare Edwardian Turbot
autographed by the winning team in the 1898 Perth District Amateur Trophy.
-The property of a Lady.
Lot 4:
A set of four watercolour sketches depicting the Battle of
Quiche-sur-Merde (1916) by Roland Limprist, R.A.
-Property of the Trustees of the Regimental Museum of the East Essex
-Bicycle Fusiliers.
Lot 5:
A rare brass and ebony Flookometer by McIrvin & Co., Edinburgh, in
original sharkskin case, with complete set of sprackets and
compensating flanges. Believed to have been used on Captain James
Parry’s ill-fated expedition to Pogoland in 1911 to observe the
occultation of Neptune.
-The property of a Gentleman.
Lot 6:
A wombat-wrangler’s fledging-pole, Austria C.1900. In bilabong skin,
with a whalebone frogger and silver trustle in the form of a drongo`s head.
-From the collection of Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Harber-Bridge.
Lot 7:
A colonial-style roll-top lawyer’s desk, Austria C.1890. In
Tasmanian Bongwood with inset gilded lucre retainers and brass
-From the collection of Mr. E. Teflon Piano.
Lot 8:
A Hindu ceremonial Tortoise cage, India C.1200. Gold, decorated with
rubies, amethysts and lapis-lazuli. Believed to have been
confiscated from the treasury of the Rajah of Jholipore by Sir
Gravely Blunt, Colonel of the East Sussex Bicycle Fusiliers, during
the Nastistan campaign of 1898.
-The property of a Lady.

Send $25 for full catalogue.

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