I once met a young man named ‘Jimb,’

I once met a young man named ‘Jimb,’
From Bryce Canyon, he lived near the rimb,
In conflict or doubt,
he was cautious to fault,
And would never go out on a limb.

But there’s more to the story of Jimb
Life’s cup, he kept full to the brimb
At the ‘U’ after school
he swam at the pool
To help to stay fit and stay trimb.

Sadly, reality’s grimb
And a setback befell hero Jimb
While bent he did rent
his trunks at the vent
An act neither proper nor primb.

The exposure was too much for Jimb
Red-faced he raced from the gymb
To his room where he swooned
and stayed way past noon
Until evening, when lighting was dimb.

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