Greek Wedding

Greek Wedding

As reported by the Brockton Enterprise, Friday, August 14, 1998

“Bride finds groom-to-be in bed with best man”


Greek machismo has suffered a below-the-belt blow in Crete, where a bride-to-be was hospitalized with “severe shock” after discovering her groom in bed with his best man on the eve of their wedding.

A policeman in Heraklion said the story had sent shock waves through the island, where the groom has gone into hiding. “What was really upsetting for her was that he was wearing her wedding dress when she caught him in their own bed,” he said. “Her family has sworn revenge if they ever find him.”

The Athens news agency that carried the report said the couple had decided to tie the knot after a turbulent relationship and the wedding date was set for last Saturday. The bride-to-be stumbled upon her fiance and his best man after friends asked her to take them to the couple’s home for a peek of her wedding dress.

The news agency reported: “Late on Friday night, when they (the friends) wanted to see the wedding gown, they went to the home the would-be newlyweds had just set up for themselves.” Despite making a lot of noise as they entered the villa, the report continued, the group caught the groom “dressed in the bridal gown and in the arms of his best man.”

The incident, splashed on the front pages of several Greek newspapers, caused the jilted bride to have a nervous breakdown. The whereabouts of the groom and his best man are unknown Thursday, but the policeman said that “the whole of Heraklion” was out looking for them.

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