Get a Bit of Rest

Get a Bit of Rest (One day, 3 birds went to see Dr. Vic, their local vet. After examining bird no. 1, the doctor said, “You are infine shape, just need a little rest. By evening, you’ll beflyin’ off into the sunset”. And early in the evening, thegreat eagle was seen flying westerly among the trees. When bird no. 2’s medical was completed, the doctor advised,”You’re a bit run down. Rest for a day and a half’ thenyou’ll fine and ready to fly again soon”. Two days later,someone spotted the owl on a midnight flight among the trees.After finishing the physical exam of bird no. 3, the goodold doc said, “You need lots of rest, you’re pretty muchexhausted. Better rest up at least a week and then you’ll beready to fly among others of your kind”. The 3rd bird replied’ “Doubt that !!” The Doc asked, “Why not ?” The 3rd bird, “Cause I’m an ostrich”.

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