Curry Songs Tears on my Pilau

Curry Songs Tears on my Pilau

Korma Chameleon

Dansak Queen

ABBA were always big curry fans, as witnessed not only by the
aforementioned Dansak Queen, but also the sublime ‘ChickenTikka’,
the shocking ‘Ring Ring’, ‘Vindaloo’, and of course, ‘Gimme Gimme
Gimme (a Naan after midnight)’

Also, for your consideration:

Black Lace: ‘Sag Aloo’

AC/DC: ‘Bhaji Boy Boogie’

Van Morrison: ‘He Ain’t givin’ you naan’

Circle Jerks: ‘Patia’s Killing Mel’

Led Zeppelin: ‘Kashmiri (chicken)’

Rush: ‘Lock and Kebab’

Diana Ross: ‘I want masala’

Beach Boys: ‘Chapati of Love’

Taylor Dayne: ‘Don’t Reshmi’

Aerosmith: ‘Don’t get Madras, Get even’

and anything by the New York Daals.

‘It’s my Chapati and I’ll cry if I want to.’

Led Zepplin’s classic, ‘Bhuna Long Time (since we rock ‘n rolled

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