Cornflakes Little Timmy and Little Bobby go to visit their

Cornflakes Little Timmy and Little Bobby go to visit their grandmotherin the country. They’ve been brought up in a fairlyill-disciplined household and are prone to swear quite a bit.Anyway after about a solid week of cursing and swearing theirgrandmother can’t take it anymore and goes to see her friendMaude and get some advice. “What can I do about themswearing?” says the grandmother, “As far as I’m concernedthere is only really one thing you can do,” says Maude, “nexttime they swear just hit ’em good and hard and they won’t doit again.” “I can’t do that!” says grandma, shocked at thethought, “they’re my grandchildren!” “Look,” says Maude,”It’ll teach ’em a good lesson mark my words.” Anyway Grandmaleaves and goes home. The next morning Timmy and Bobby godownstairs to have breakfast. Grandma says to Bobby, “Andwhat would you like for breakfast?” To which Bobby replies,”Give me some of them Fucking cornflakes!” Grandma lashes outwith this big swing and knocks Bobby clean out of his chair.He sits on the ground looking shocked at his grandma. NextGrandma turns to Timmy,” and what would you like forbreakfast little Timmy?” Timmy looks at his brother and thenback to his grandmother and says, “I don’t know but you canbet your sweet arse it won’t be fucking cornflakes!!”

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