Chuck Visits The Optician

Chuck Visits The Optician

Dear Chuck paid a visit today
To the eye-doctor two miles away.
No it’s not ‘cos of sex
That he thinks he needs specs
For he’s kept his mind off it since May.

‘So Chuck, will you look at this chart?
Read the letters. When ready, please start
At the top if you may.’
Chuck looked up and said, ‘A?’
‘Why that’s great Chuck; it proves that you’re smart.’

‘Line 2. Now just concentrate, eh?’
Beaming broadly dear Chuck said, ‘O K.’
‘Why your eyesight’s not bad’,
Said the doctor, ‘Now lad;
Will you tackle line 3? Hello Fay.’

‘Who’s Fay?’ ‘My assistant on duty.’
‘She’s nice.’ ‘Yes she is; she’s a beauty;
But Chuck, will you read
Me line 3.’ ‘Yes indeed;
Hello Fay.’ ‘Hello Chuck.’ ‘You’re A Q T.’

‘Good heavens, dear Chuck, you’re a star!’
‘O I M M I?’ ‘Chuck, that’s too far;
That’s line 5. I implore
You, please read me line 4.’
‘N E B R?’ ‘Of course here, you are.’

‘A Budweiser! Yummy!’ ‘OK;
If line 6 you can read me today
You may go; but remember,
Come back in November.’
‘I guess L B C N U A

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