Chuck Paints His Bedroom

Chuck Paints His Bedroom

Now Chuck is a tiny bit quaint
But a moron he certainly ain’t.
When he noticed the ceiling
And walls were all peeling
While lying in bed he thought, ‘Paint.’

He went to the DIY store
(It had 50-odd aisles maybe more)
And he said to himself
As he passed every shelf,
‘Have I been down this aisle once before.’

He trudged with a vacuous smile
Back and forward for many a mile
‘Til he noticed a P
And an A I N T
Overhead in the very first aisle.

Stacked high from the floor to the ceiling
The paint-can he found most appealing
(A brilliant white)
He removed and (you’re right)
Sent the whole bloody stack of them reeling.

They all came a-tumbling down
To the floor in a mixture of brown,
Yellow, purple and red,
Knocking Chuck on the head
Which he rubbed with a quizzical frown.

Then staggering blindly about
Chuck went seeking the door labelled OUT.
But he saw only three
Labelled E X I T
(He’ll be there overnight without doubt

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