Aunt Mildred, I thank you, my dear,

Aunt Mildred, I thank you, my dear,
For the socks that you sent me this year;
And the handkerchiefs too.
I’ll be thinking of you
When I’m blowing my nose, never fear.

Ah Grandma your present was better
Than last year’s. I love this new sweater,
But cannot believe
The great length of this sleeve
Which has smudged all the ink on my letter.

Aunt Gertrude, the hankies you sent
And the socks; well, I thank you. You spent
Far too much, you old bat,
Oh, I’m sorry ’bout that;
‘T was a slip of the pen never meant.

Uncle Fred? You are terribly wise,
And I’d thank you; but really – those ties
That you sent are so stained
And with dirt so ingrained
That they once were your own I surmise.

I thought you were well in your box,
Dear Great Grandma. I fear that the shock’s
Been a little too great;
Please forgive me. I’m late
Writing thank you, my dear, for the socks

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