A travelling salesman was passing through and old farming town when

A travelling salesman was passing through and old farming town when he decided he needed to get some sleep. He stopped by an old farmer’s house to see if he could get a room for the night. The farmer agreed to let the stranger stay at his house but warned him to stay away from his young daughter. The salesman agreed.
To make sure the salesman kept his word, the farmer discreetly placed three fresh eggs above his daughters door. If the eggs fell and broke, then the farmer would know of the salesman hanky-panky with his young innocent daughter.
Temptation got the best of the salesman and he snuck into the young girl’s room and did his deed. And of course, broke all the eggs. He and the young girl spent the rest of the night gluing the egg shells back together and placed them back upon the top of the door. The farmer got up the next morning and checked his daughter’s room. All three eggs appeared to be in place. He felt good about his daughter and the salesman and decided to fix them breakfast with the eggs he had used. He cracked the first one. Nothing inside. Same with the second and third eggs. Nothing inside. The farmer thought to himself, ‘I am no dummy! No one can fool me!’ and stormed out the door in sheer anger. He stood on his porch and hollered ‘Okay, I want to know the truth…Which one of you roosters is wearing a condom!?’

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