A man walks into the doctors …

A man walks into the doctors …
Doc – ‘Hello. How can I help you?’
Man – ‘I’ve got an orange willy doc.’
Doc – ‘What?’
Man – ‘My willy – it’s turned orange.’
Doc – ‘Umm … I’ll have to look that up … It seems it could be a sign of stress; do you suffer from stress?’
Man – ‘Not really.’
Doc – ‘What about stress at work?’
Man – ‘Well, I did have a nightmare job, a complete idiot for a boss, I worked 80 hours week for pennies and then I got the sack.’
Doc – ‘That sounds very stressful.’
Man – ‘Yeah, but my new job is great – half the hours, 3 times the salary and I feel really appreciated.’
Doc – ‘Umm … what about your home life?’
Man – ‘Well, my girlfriend is a complete cow, she nags non-stop and puts me down every chance she gets.’
Doc – ‘That sounds stressful.’
Man – ‘Yeah, but I’m leaving her and I’ve never been happier.’
Doc – ‘Umm … what about your social life?’
Man – ‘Social life? I don’t really have one.’
Doc – ‘Really? What do you do in your spare time?’
Man – ‘Watch porn videos and eat Wotsits.’

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