A man drove all night long

A man drove all night long. Upon arriving in a small community, he decided to stop in the local park and catch some shuteye.

Just as he dozed off, there was a knock on the window. Outside the car, the man saw a jogger. “Excuse me, can you give me the time?”

“Yeah, it’s 6:27.”

The man settled back and was almost asleep when there was another knock on the window. Another jogger. “I’m sorry to disturb you. Do you have the time?”

“Yeah. It’s 6:34.”

The man rolled up the window and realized this could go on indefinitely. So he took paper and pen and made a sign which read:

He stuck the sign in the window and again nestled himself back in the seat.

Then… yet another tap on the window. The man looked and sure enough, another jogger.

He disgustedly rolled down the window and said, “Yeah, what is it?”

The jogger replied, “It’s 6:42.”

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